Why use Pagina.mx?

Because Pagina.mx gives you many benefits...

Competitive prices

Our goal is to have the best cost effective hosting packages available in the market. We offer hosting hosting plans for small medium or larger businesses. We will adapt to your needs.

Official registrar

Pagina.mx is an official accredited domain registrar. We registrar your domain in YOUR name making you the legal owner of your domain.

Fast servers and high availability

We do not oversell services and make sure that your website will load fast. Our technical team always keeps an eye out on your website and will make sure that downtime is minimised.


We understand that every situation is different. At Pagina.mx you are able to configure your domain as you wish. Our simple tools allow you to switch hosting types, email providers and any other adjustments from within your control panel.

Payment methods and facturas

Pagina.mx is located in Mexico, we support credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers or deposits, payments in Oxxo and payments by Western Union. And we can give you a factura if you require one.

Excellent data centers

We use data centers in the USA that use multiple high speed backbones to ensure the speed and availability of our services. All of our servers are backed up daily and use RAID redundancy and power redundancy to insure continuous operation of our services.


Our support team will answer all your questions you might have about our services. We have a level 2 support team with over 7 years of hosting experience that can solve even the most complicated issues you might have.

Many years of experience

Pagina.mx (formally known as Mex.tl) has been offering quality hosting since 2009.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

...and a large variety of services

This is a list of the service we currently offer.

Mex.tl website builder

Create your website with just a few clics. No programming needed.

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cPanel hosting

Upload your website or quickly auto install Wordpress, Prestashop or any of the other 200+ website scripts.

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Corporate email accounts

Our dedicated email service will offer you a secure way of having your own corporate email accounts, at an affordable price.

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Buy your domains at affordable prices. Have complete control of what your wish to do with your domain.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Where are we located?

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