What happens after domain names expire?

Expired domains cannot be renewed

Once your domain has expired, nobody can buy or renew your domain for 2-3 months.

Your domain does not wait for you

Once your domain has been liberated, anyone can buy the domain. You will need to go to court to get your domain back, if you win.

Your expired domain is in danger

There are many companies that buy domains to make use of the traffic it has, or to sell it back to you for very high prices.

Your rankings in search engines are lost

Buying another domain does not bring your rankings back in search engines. However once you recover your domain, your website will start to rank again.

Recover your domain is totally free

We only charge you the regular price of buying a domain.

You do not have the time

It might take months (in some rare cases years!) to recover your domain. We will keep checking if your domain is available, as long as it takes.

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