Terms of Use

You can also consult the Privacy policy.


  1. A person who signs up to Pagina.mx is known forth as a User.
  2. Mex.tl websites are websites created using a site builder that Pagina.mx offers.
  3. Pagina.mx reserves the right to complement, extend, change, discontinue or improve services offered, in particular where such measures will improve the technological standard of the services or where sub parties offering these services change their agreement with Pagina.mx, or are deemed necessary for preventing abuse. Such modifications may lead to changes in the appearance of the Mex.tl websites. The Service Provider will only make such modifications if they are reasonable and acceptable for the Pagina.mx user or if their implementation is required by law.
  4. All services provided by Pagina.mx free of charge may be discontinued at any time. In such a case the User will not be entitled to claim the continuation of this type of service.
  5. Pagina.mx reserves the right to make use of the services of third parties in performing services.
  6. The services provided are exclusively for persons who have reached the age of 14.

Mex.tl Sitebuilder

  1. A free Mex.tl website is defined by the free hosting package. Buying a domain or any other service does not affect the hosting package.
  2. Free Mex.tl websites contain advertisements. The Pagina.mx user is not entitled to remove or conceal any advertisements.
  3. The Mex.tl websites of Pagina.mx users are published under a sub-domain (e.g. subdomain.mex.tl).
  4. Under no cicumstance should Mex.tl websites be loaded in an iframe or similar technique.


  1. In case the user does not log on his Pagina.mx account within 180 days, Pagina.mx may delete their free Mex.tl websites and its contents permanently and block all access to Pagina.mx by the User.
  2. The user has the responsibility to make sure that his email address is working and it read often.
  3. If the user marks emails from Pagina.mx as spam, we reserve the right to no longer send notifications to this user of any kind, including notifications of services that might expire.
  4. The User is responsible for any contents provided or stored by him on our servers. Pagina.mx is under no obligation to inspect the websites of the Users with regard to violations of law.
  5. The User undertakes not to take any actions that may infringe or violate the rights of third parties (including their personal rights) when using the Pagina.mx services.
  6. The User undertakes to observe all legal requirements pertaining to the provision of provider details or any equivalent legislation in the country of use.
  7. The User confirms that all the personal data provided is true and complete. The User hereby agrees to the recording and electronic storage of his data by Pagina.mx. Pagina.mx will not transfer the data to third parties unless specified in the privacy policy or when the User expressly agrees to this. The User undertakes to keep the personal data updated. In order to prevent abuse by unauthorized third parties, the User is under an obligation to keep the login data confidential.


  1. Domains are bought the moment we have confirmed that we have received a payment. If in this period the domain has no longer is available the user is entitled to a refund to their wallet.
  2. Pagina.mx does not take any responsibility for what happens to a domain when it expires.
  3. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure that their services get renewed on time.
  4. It is the user’s responsibility to fill out and maintain personal information of the registrant of the domain.
  5. When transferring out a domain Pagina.mx might require the user to verify their identity to prevent fraud.
  6. It is the user's responsibility to make sure that any domain name ordered by the user is correctly spelled. Pagina.mx does not refund bought domain names.
  7. Pagina.mx will register all the domain names requisted by the user except if there is any technical difficulty that makes this impossible.

General hosting

  1. At no time is the user allowed to put illegal content on their website hosted with Pagina.mx, regardless of which hosting service they use. Pagina.mx reserves the right to block / delete any website that violates our terms and conditions. This includes but is not limited to :
    1. Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
    2. Copyrighted material without licence
    3. Hacking and cracking content
    4. Violent content
    5. Weapon-related content
    6. Content that enables dishonest behavior
    7. Illegal content
    8. Child pornography
    9. Link to websites that would violate our terms and conditions.
  2. Pagina.mx is not responsible for any ip blocks, domain restrictions, traffic limitations imposed upon the services of Pagina.mx by the internet service provider of the user.

Cpanel Hosting

  1. The user is responsible for making sure that their websites/scripts are up to date and pose no risks to the hosting environment.
  2. Pagina.mx is not responsable for the breaking of any website/script that has been updated automatically to prevent security issues.
  3. You are not allowed to use your cpanel account for mass mailing of any kind.
  4. Pagina.mx has the right to block or restrict resources to any cpanel account that is using an unusual amount of resources. Either by badly written code or intentional scripts that affect the proper functioning of other websites on the server.


  1. The user is not allowed to send mass emails from any email account hosted by Pagina.mx.
  2. Mass mailing is the act of sending an email with the same or similar content to a large amount (50+) of email accounts regardless of the type of content.
  3. Pagina.mx has the right to block access to the mail server to any ip or email account if they cause an unusual amount of connections, traffic or use of resources on the Pagina.mx mailserver.
  4. The user is responsible for maintaining a virus and malware free environment on any device or computer on which they wish to consult their email accounts hosted by Pagina.mx
  5. The user is responsible to make sure that the end-users of the email accounts are informed and agree with the terms and conditions of Pagina.mx.

Impairment of performance

  1. Pagina.mx will endeavor to ensure that the services are available and function properly at all times. The User acknowledges, however, that for technical reasons as well as due to the Pagina.MX’s dependence on external factors—e.g. telecommunications networks—the uninterrupted availability of the services cannot be guaranteed. The User can therefore not claim permanent access to the services. Access restrictions of only a temporary nature shall not constitute grounds for warranty claims nor a right to extraordinary termination. In addition to the possible access restrictions due to circumstances beyond the Pagina.mx’s control, Pagina.mx also reserves the right to impose temporal and/or complete access restrictions, particularly where the service is temporarily disabled for the purpose of installing technical improvements or eliminating errors and defects, etc. Pagina.mx reserves the right to temporarily block access to its services for the purpose of installing technical improvements.

Domain recovery

  1. Pagina.mx will do its best effort to recover a domain, however the domain recovery service is not guaranteed.
  2. Pagina.mx does not guearanteee a fixed time in which a domain can be recovered.
  3. To recover the domain the moment is available the user is required to have the cost of the domain available in his Pagina.mx Wallet.
  4. It is the responsibility of the user to add more funds to his Wallet when the price of the domain increases. (For example when a promotion finishes).
  5. The user is required to update the domain registration details the moment the domain has been recovered.

Affiliate System

  1. Terms and conditions for the affiliate system need to be agreed upon separately when the user applies for it.

Duration and termination of the contract, discontinuation of services, refund of fees paid in advance

  1. Pagina.mx may terminate any and all services with the user without notification when the user is in violation of the terms and conditions.
  2. Pagina.mx reserves the right to terminate services with the user when the user or his content is causing bad publicity or is negitivly affecting Pagina.mx.
  3. If for some reason Pagina.mx needs to refund a payment it will refund by default to the Wallet of the User. Refunds to any other source may incur costs to the user.
  4. Pagina.mx will only refund when it claims responsibility.
  5. On termination of the services of the user, Pagina.mx may delete any of the data related to this services. This includes backups.

Payment Methods and Invoices

  1. Pagina.MX deliver official invoices for Mexican clients according to all of our different payment forms. In order to get an official invoice is required that you are located in Mexico and you are registered at the SAT.
  2. The user is aware that when paying with some of the payment forms such as Paypal, debit or credit card there is and extra fee, due to these payments processors, added to the total amount.
  3. Pagina.mx is not responsable for any loss of domains or other servers/data because of the delays in processing of payments.
  4. In case of a chargeback, Pagina.mx has the right to block ALL services of the user until the chargeback has been resolved.
  5. The user can resolve the chargeback by communicating with its payment provider and asking to reverse the chargeback. Once the funds have been released to Pagina.mx the chargeback will be accepted as resolved. If the user is unable to reverse the chargeback, the user will be required to deposit the amount of the chargeback plus an administrative fee of $400 MXN pesos to the bank account of Pagina.mx.
  6. Mexican invoices can be requested up to the accounting month-end close.
  7. Products bought by the user are set to automatically renew once the products expire. This option can be disabled by the user.
  8. Any products that have been auto-renewed are non-refundable.
  9. Pagina.mx will inform the user by email when products are about to be auto-renewed, however Pagina.mx cannot be held responsable by the non-delivery of this email notifications by third-parties.


  1. Any liability on the part of Pagina.mx for loss of data by the User or for unauthorized access to personal user data by third-parties (e.g. hackers) is excluded.
  2. Pagina.mx also cannot be held liable for misuse by third parties of data and information made available to them by the Users themselves.
  3. Pagina.mx shall not be liable for any activities of or contents posted by the Users.
  4. Pagina.mx cannot be held liable for damages arising from malfunction of the Pagina.mx systems.
  5. Any liability on the part of Pagina.mx or affiliated providers will be limited to the equivalent amount of a yearly user fee.

Data Protection

  1. Pagina.mx will collect, process and use personal data concerning the users. For further information regarding Pagina.mx’s data processing and data protection policies, visit our privacy statement.
  2. The User is aware of the fact that from a technical point of view Pagina.mx is able to view any of the data saved on the Pagina.mx servers and that there is a theoretical possibility that the Pagina.mx User’s data may be accessed by unauthorized third-parties when transmitting the data over the Internet.

Promos and Offers

  1. All offers by Pagina.MX have a starting and an ending date, which are pointed at the ads published.
  2. Users cannot add a coupon on their orders out of the pointed dates of each offer.
  3. Users can use maximum a total of 5 coupons per offer.
  4. Users can only apply 1 coupon at a time on the cart.
  5. Users can still pay for orders with coupon applied even if the date offer has ended.
  6. Offers and Promos are only for new orders such as buying hosting, domains or emails. Offers are not valid for renovation, unless they are specified for.

Final provisions

  1. These GTCs and the contract shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Mexico. This shall also apply in case the User registers from another country. The place of jurisdiction is the location of Pagina.mx’s registered office.