SEO boost benefits

Use our SEO boost service to start your SEO campaign and improve your positioning.

Premium listings

Premium listings

We will get your website linking campaign started by obtaining Premium listings on popular Mexican directories such as,,

Search engines

Search engines

We will guarantee that your new website will be included into the indexes of Google and Bing.

Get your website listed now!

We offer 2 different plans: list your website in search engines as well as in business directories.

Website SEO Boost

$30.00 USD

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We will create premium listings in 3 important business directories in Mexico. Not only will you receive customers from these directories, you will also receive valuable links to your website. Allowing your website to rank higher in search engines.
  • Premium listing on 3 Mexican business directories (value $80 USD)

  • Website submission to all major search engines (Google, Bing)

Website submission

$5.00 USD

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We will submit your website to the 2 most important search engines. Like that, they'll know about your website.
  • Website submission to Google search engine

  • Website submission to Bing search engine

Disclaimers about the service

Read these important disclaimers about search engines listing.

Please note that we guarantee that your website will be listed in Google and Bing. We DO NOT guarantee that your website will rank for specific keywords.

The SEO Boost service is only available for businesses that have an established address in Mexico. The listings in the business directories will contain your logo, company description, keywords, address, phone numbers and images of your products and services.

It might take a while before your website is included in a search engine. It should normally not take more than a week.

The business listings are permanent and do not require a renewal.

How does it work?

  • Select the website you wish to request an SEO boost for
  • Pay the service fee
  • You will receive an invitation to fill out a form where we ask you information about your company. Fill this out as detailed as possible.
  • We will start doing our magic and notify when your order has been processed.